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I Shouldn’t Complain, But I Will

Article posted on Wednesday, July, 18th, 2007 at 8:43 am

Since becoming a mom, I have done many things I never thought I’d do. Like going out of the house without makeup (only in the middle of the night though, but still…). This makes me feel like George Costanza who dreamed of ensconcing himself in velvet and just letting it all hang out. I don’t dream of either of those things, but I find I barely have time to shower these days, much less fix my hair and make myself presentable. It depresses me though because I have never in my entire life been the kind of person to not get gussied up to leave the house. I feel like I am lowering my standards or something.

Andre recently moved to a different clinic. That majorly depresses me. When we moved up here we picked our place so he’d be close to work and be able to come home for lunch to see the baby. Now he is quite a bit farther from home, yet again. So he can’t come home. Plus, I really miss all the people he used to work with. They were all so cool. Annabelle and I would go up once a week or so and hang out for a bit. So I am sad. I think he is too.

Things could be worse, I know. I shouldn’t complain. Life is being extraordinarily cruel to a couple of my close friends. Honestly, I shouldn’t bitch about anything so trivial. But, I’m just keeping it real.

On the funny side, I am fairly convinced my friend Kerber saw Alexander Ovechkin on the streets of D.C. recently. (And Kerber, don’t try to convince me otherwise!)


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