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Article posted on Wednesday, September, 1st, 2010 at 11:27 pm

Annabelle told us the other day that she didn’t want to wear her halter top because “it will mess up my bows.”

She’s started pre-school.  New school.  Three times a week.  It seems like a lot to me.  I feel stressed out and anxious thinking she’s not ready for that amount of time a week.  *clings*


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  • Enjoyed again. It is so wonderful for Annabelle to have both sets of grandparents on her young impressable life. It has been so good for Sarah, Hannah and Jake to have their Nanna, Kenpappaw, Memom and Pawpaw too. Of course we love it too. Have a fun Halloween and look forward to the pictures. Hope all is well! Love Jan

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