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Happy Father’s Day

Article posted on Sunday, June, 20th, 2010 at 11:51 pm
Beautiful Belle

Beautiful Belle on Father's Day.

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  • It was a great day! Thank you for everything! Sorry Tool was so lame.

  • Love the new site. I would go to the old one periodically and look to see if you were posting. I better be one of the 5 people you talked about! If not add me in…I may not comment but I stay up with your pictures and Annabelle’s beautiful growth! Love to you, Andy and Annabelle.

    • You should comment more often! We love to hear from you. And, you are definitely one of the lonely five who visit! :-)

      Miss you. *hugs*


  • I just wish I could spend quality time with this lovely little lady named Annabelle. She seems fabulous in everyway and I so want to get to know and play with her before it is too late or out of fashion to play with old people. Maybe I should let you know when my dental appt are and we arrange a play time…I would even baby-sit.

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