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Why I Haven’t Posted

Article posted on Wednesday, June, 20th, 2007 at 7:12 am

I’ve gotten a few e-mails inquiring as to why I haven’t posted lately, so I thought I would go on a public rant about our piece-of-junk computer. My e-mail is all screwed up. If I want to send an e-mail it takes me like an hour because I can’t type but, maybe, one character a minute — something is seriously wrong there. So I am woefully backed up on e-mail and have, in fact, resorted to actual letters! Yes, I wrote several tonight. So if you’ve sent me an e-mail lately and have yet to get a reply, that’s why. We need to get the computer in for some repairs. Tasks that should take a second or two take me minutes, upon minutes. It’s frustrating. And, now that I don’t work outside the home, this is my only computer! I can’t seek refuge in the lightning fast machines I used to have at work. *sigh*

Anyway, I have posted a bunch of pictures in our albums. (A task, which also takes FOREVER these days.) Check them out by clicking the “Photo Albums” option on the menu at the left. The ones from our visit to the Cabbage Patch Kids birthing place are up now

Annabelle has been doing great. She was a bit grumpy tonight. We gave her a bath, which she loved. Then she pitched a fit when we took her out. She loves to have a bath! After crying inconsolably and making us feel tremendously guilty for taking her out of the bath, she promptly fell asleep. What a perfect tyrant! Ha ha! Just kidding.

Since this blog is all about keeping it real…

As you may know, I’ve suffered from severe depression and anxiety over the past year. It got way worse after Annabelle arrived. Postpartum depression is a freaky thing, but thankfully, it seems to be waning. The anxiety is something I’ve had all my life and I don’t know that I will ever get over it, but the depression is slowly getting better.

I hate talking about this in “public,” but it is relieving in a way — even if nobody reads it.

OK. Enough about me. I am sure you are here for the Annabelle pictures anyway. So check ’em out! There are literally thousands for your perusal.


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