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Article posted on Tuesday, April, 24th, 2007 at 4:57 am

I feel particularly slug-like today. No, this week. I am not sure why. Is it that I’ve had family here and, thus, have had help with the everyday things? Is it just my inborn Catholic guilt (even though I am not Catholic — it’s in the bloodline, as my Dad was Catholic. Ha ha!)? Is it that I, in fact, am a slug? Maybe it’s a little of all of these.

Since I shot like a rocket down to my pre-pregnancy weight, I haven’t lost but two pounds. I am currently two pounds below where I started when I got pregnant last June. I guess it’s Go Time, because my doctor gave me the all clear to start exercising. The only thing I have to watch is heavy lifting. So, I guess my training for the World’s Strongest Man competition will have to wait just a bit longer.

I guess I just need to get out there and start pounding the pavement again. Yes, again! Believe it or not, before I got p/g, I’d started work with a personal trainer. I still have five sessions left with him. I gave up working out in August of last year after the first episode of bleeding. So, I guess, maybe that is why I feel like such a slug?

Or is it because I am not working right now? (Oh, I am working, but to the world at large, well, you know …) That has been really difficult for me. It’s hard after all of these years working to give it up and allow someone to take care of me financially. It’s fascinating that, as far as we have come as women, there is all this pressure to do it all. And, if we decide to, for example, stay at home for a while and NOT try to do it all, there is a feeling of failure that goes along with that choice. Not to mention the weird vibes you pick up from some female friends and acquaintances who are still in the work force. Like I am a loser. Or lazy. Or some kind of freaky June Cleaver throwback.

Much of these issues are in my head. I acknowledge that. It reminds me of an episode of “Sex and the City” in which Charlotte decides to quit her job at the museum. For much of the episode she feel persecuted by her friends, in large part, because of her insecurity in her own choice. But, I have picked up on some genuine weirdness from some people and have felt judged.

Oh well, I am rambling, as usual.

In Other News…

Mimi, Andy’s mom, is in town right now. She and I went down to The Forum Shops and strolled Annabelle around. Mimi loves Chico’s, a little shop I’d never been in before. They have some cute stuff. All the baby books say that you should talk to your baby as you go about your business, so as we walked the aisles, I talked to Annabelle and told her what we were doing. I held up skirts and blouses and told her what they were. I felt a little bit silly. She’s only six weeks old, but I did it anyway.

Annabelle was a witness to more than just an ordinary shopping experience. She was privy to Mimi shopping. That’s like watching van Gogh paint or Michael Jordan play basketball. Mimi is the master of the shops and always seems to be able to sniff out the bargains. Annabelle will learn a lot from her!

After the shopping trip, we met Andy for dinner. It was really nice to be out and about and feeling normal. It’s nice to have Mimi here. I took some pictures, but am getting tired. Will post those tomorrow.

Dancing! YEAH!

This evening’s episode of DWtS was pretty good. Nobody blew me away like Apolo did last week. Apolo and Julianne are still my favorite couple though. They are just ridiculously cute. I do like Ian, too, though the mugshot on his bio page makes him look a little insane.

If I were able to vote someone off, I think I’d have to axe Heather Mills. I am just not a fan of her dancing. God bless her for showing all those people out there that a handicap needn’t stop you, but, she just doesn’t excite me in the least. Did you watch? Who’s your fave? Post, post, post a comment!

I titled this entry “Uninspired,” but judging by the length of this entry, I guess that wasn’t the case. Until tomorrow…


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