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I Did It!

Article posted on Thursday, June, 17th, 2010 at 12:35 pm

And that’s not even a quote from Annabelle. I was puzzling over why this stupid template didn’t allow users to click somewhere to leave a comment (the user could always click the title to do so, but it’s not intuitive at all). So I boldly went where few people who major in English and journalism do — into the code. Yes, I can do CSS and HTML and that, but I’d never attempted to edit code like this before — well, I had, but it turned out badly.

Anyway, I think I figured it out, and added my own bit to allow users to comment from the bottom of each post. I am actually very interested to see if I did it correctly. Only time (and your comments!) will tell. So please do comment if you happen to read this. If it works, my self-esteem points for the day will be much higher than usual! :-)

Also, I am loving this song this week (I love dance music!). And, I’ve been enjoying the lyrics to this song (“Circumstances,” by Rush). It’s so easy to forget the greatness of Rush, when you don’t listen everyday. What are you loving this week?

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