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Sarah’s Back!

Article posted on Monday, December, 21st, 2009 at 8:56 am

We got Sarah back. Someone in the neighborhood found her. We are so relieved. I cried like a baby when Andy told me someone called and he was going to pick her up.

Annabelle kept asking me where Sarah was, and I told her “she’s on a journey.” When she asked when she’d be back, I told her, “cat business sometimes takes a long time.”

Thankfully, it only took five days for Sarah to complete her “cat business” (and for us to find her). We feel a prayer was answered.

Funny story. When Annabelle saw Sarah she said — very matter-of-factly — “You’re back.”

I guess these things don’t register as hard on a toddler. Andy and I were so upset.

Later, Annabelle patted Sarah and said, “we got a net to catch you … it’s outside!” (The “net” she was referring to is actually a humane cat/varmint trap we bought to try to catch her.) Now we have a 50-dollar cat trap and nothing to try to catch. It’s been used and the box was thrown out, so we are thinking about donating it to the animal shelter to rent out to people. (All the traps were rented out when we visited or we would have rented one!)

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. She’s home. She’s home!

Now we’re wondering: “Who ate the cat food that we left in our half-open garage last night?” The world may never know.

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