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Hair Bands

Article posted on Wednesday, November, 25th, 2009 at 4:23 am

Annabelle told me today I needed a haircut. To her, a “haircut” is putting your hair up. I normally put her hair in ponytails or pigtails everyday and, you know how it goes, you throw your own hair into a chip clip or do the ponytail too. So today, I actually had my hair down and Annabelle noticed.

She said, “Your hair long.”

“Yes,” I said.

“You need hair cut. … Hair band.”

(Then I laughed to myself about hair bands and moved on.)


In other news, I swear, some days, some months it feels like the entire world and everyone in it is against you. I feel that way right now. :-(

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  • NObody has time to be against you or me. No one wants to get you. They are that way because their lives are miserable. Do not allow anyone to take your joy away from you!!!! Go read the Bible about how to place your priorities and know that you are first always in God's life and that you are a precious beautiful loved child! Also Neen, someone is always fighting a battle and it might appear you are in the middle of their battle but that it really has nothing to do with you. Go grab life by the "horn" or the "tail" and enjoy it. YOu have so much and life is so short. Before you know it, you are old, you are sick, you are dead. Fill all your days with happy things…just get out of bed with objective…nothing else. I am going to be happy today NO MATTER what. I love you Geneen. I will shutup and leave you alone. Happy Thanksgiving. Give my sweet princess a kiss from me (if she remembers who I am). Love you all!

  • Aww…I can't wait to see her again. If, of course, our visas are ever ready ;)

    I know it's tough time for you guys. I wish I were there. I'd come over and drag you out of the house and we'd go do something just fun or silly and forget about the rough stuff for just a bit.

    Hang in there. Good things for you are just around the corner. I feel it and truly believe it.

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