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Long Week

Article posted on Saturday, October, 17th, 2009 at 5:43 am

Posted a bunch of pictures of Annabelle in the Photo Albums, so take a look. Here’s one of many cute ones.

In other news, Annabelle seems to not like her dance class anymore. I can’t quite understand it. She loved it the first three times she went. Now it’s crying and fit-throwing from the moment she even sees the building. I’ve watched every class and as far as I can tell, nothing negative happened. Why is she doing this? I don’t know. But as of our last (of three) visits, which resulted in crying and screaming, I’ve decided that it’s just not worth it. For whatever reason she doesn’t want to go. Nevertheless, she has to be out of the house and in the world for small bits of time, so Andy and I decided to put her in a Mothers-Day-Out thing (here they call it pre-school, even though it is a mere three hours, twice a week at a church).

Anyway, the horrible dreams have already started. The day after I signed her up, I dreamed some terrible things. In my career I’ve read so many scary stories that it’s just bubbling up in my subconscious I guess. Anyway, wish us luck. Pray for good things for Anna if you happen to be one who prays.

That’s about it from here. Andy and the cat are crashed out on the couch. I think I want to crash too.

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  • I pray about EVERYTHING! when I remember. Sometimes, I will say, wait a minute, pray about it. Jesus told us to do that because praying is talking to Him. Then the praying/talking improves your communication with Him. I pray for you, Andy and Annabelle! I wish you and Annabelle would come and visit me on a Thursday, my day off. You are invited, so it is your turn. Lots of love! JR

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