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Miami, Miami

Article posted on Monday, August, 31st, 2009 at 5:54 am

We drove from Naples to Miami/Fort Lauderdale tonight. We found the subdivision where Pavel and Valeri Bure live (gated community). We then drove to Fort Lauderdale and drove by the hotels on the beach. They look so much nicer on-line. We made the decision that we won’t ever be going to Fort Lauderdale again. The Fort Lauderdale we saw does not have stlye. We saw two girls in their early twenties walking down the street in bikinis sharing a tall boy. Classy! This was written by Andy. I cannot remember my log on for the blogger!!


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  • Where is my mind? I thought it said "gay community." At any rate, I love the two chicks "sharing" a tall boy. Did you get pictures?

    No Boca Raton? Ah, well, that's where I'll drag Geneen next time ;)

    – SV

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