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Article posted on Thursday, August, 13th, 2009 at 9:09 pm

Sometimes you just lose it. Last night I wanted to chuck the whole blog and return to my old-school journaling: In a book, on paper, which I still do, though not as much as I used to.

I changed my mind I guess.

I worked out twice in the span of 24 hours — yeah, that’s a big deal for me. So out of shape I am. But, exercise clears your head. I decided I need the blog. For me. There are many reasons, but mainly it’s just to share what’s going on with our family and friends across the miles. And, to document Annabelle’s funny, interesting and amazing journey through childhood. I also use it to think out loud. My friend Gina called it stream-of-consciousness, which made me laugh. It’s not my intent to be that random (or tedious!), but I suppose I am at times. Andy, when he posts (after my badgering him — usually!), is much more point-driven.

I write because I’ve always written — for as long as I can remember. I haven’t always shared it online, but I find it freeing in some ways to just put this stuff out there — to be open about my thoughts and feelings, my fears as a parent and as a human being, and who I am.

So I shall soldier on. This little blog doesn’t see too much traffic — about 15 a day, on average. I always appreciate the readers, but I’ve come to realize that it is for me that I write this blog — even if nobody but me reads it or cares.

Gina had a patient the other day who said, “I don’t live in your world, I’m just visiting.” If you’re still out there, I thank you for coming by and reading — and for taking a step — albeit briefly — into my world.

Because it’s not a blog by me without a (seemingly) random thought, I’ll let the “Bosom Buddies” theme song, er, Billy Joel, do the rest of the talking. Dedication across the miles: To Jen who loved Peter Scolari!

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  • I am go glad you will continue to blog! I love to look, read and watch the Boyd's as they journey and grow. God bless you Neen, Dr. Andy and Annabelle, Love Mrs.R

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