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Yesterday’s News

Article posted on Thursday, August, 6th, 2009 at 1:54 pm

So the mad rant is over. At the time I wrote the yesterday’s entry I was livid. So was Andy. But I’ve come down from the edge to realize that if Pensacola Poster wants to believe that I am, “sick” for taking an interest in my child’s toys; or that I “need help”**, for worrying she’ll be kidnapped at a public park, SO BE IT. Go ahead and leave all the rude remarks you want and feel free to do it anonymously — we’ll restore that function just for you, because you seem to need the outlet. Making other people feel bad must make you feel good. We don’t want to deprive you of that.

Instead, we choose forgiveness and not holding a grudge.

‘Tis all.

** Another gem from another time from the same poster on the same computer, but different state. **


Annabelle’s phrase of yesterday was “I can’t want to” — a variation on the classic, “I can’t like it.” She’s so very funny.

I am taking her to the gym with me when she wakes up, where, I will, worry the entire time she’s at the kid’s program.


Anonymous commenting is back after its very brief hiatus (it missed you). I know several people with helpful, insightful, funny things to say use that function, so feel free to keep using it. Hi Mrs. R! Auntie Kell! Miss Shannnon! Kerber! Etc. <3 you all!

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  • Love you too. And in the famous words of Bono, don't let the bastards grind you down!

    I guess they showed who the "sick" ones really are.

    I'm still in shock, but will dwell no longer. In life, we can't let other's jealousy, or unhappiness, or whatever it is, get to us.


  • LOL. I love a good Bono quote.

    It all just makes me sad. :-(

  • I really enjoy your blog and hope you continue to share your honest mom thoughts (the ones we all have and are afraid or embarrassed to share) and your little gal's funny moments. Love it all.

  • Thanks Anon, for the support! :-)

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