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You Know You’re a Parent When …

Article posted on Saturday, July, 25th, 2009 at 4:22 am

You take the spazzy-frizzy-haired My Little Pony and know you must find a way to make her hair shiny and new again. So…

  1. You search the Internet for tips on refurbishing the colorful plastic hair of the pony.
  2. Jot down instructions for said refurbishment.
  3. Proceed to follow instructions to the letter, including worrying that you might not be doing it right and asking your spouse whether he thinks the conditioner should be left on all night? Hair wrapped in plastic for better effect? Does he think conditioner will actually work on plastic hair? &etc.
  4. Once crucial decisions have been made you…

    • Wash pony with anti-bacterial soap.
    • Lather pony’s hair with your own human shampoo, then rinse.
    • Take your expensive salon conditioner and slather it on pony hair.
    • Comb through.
    • Arrange pony hair in elaborate formation on top of its head.
    • Cover in plastic, then a towel (in case daughter spies pony in mid-refurbishment and demands it on the spot).
    • Leave pony to condition for 24 hours.
    • Return a day later to rinse hair, then comb through, admiring to self the silky feel of the little plastic pony’s mane and tail; thinking how delighted daughter will be; anticipating giving it to her.
    • Fire up your own $150 ceramic flat iron.
    • Lovingly iron pony’s wet hair to silky sheen, whilst again imagining the joy it will bring to your daughter.
    • Look down and realize you are flat-ironing orange-and-yellow plastic pony hair.
    • Have a good laugh, while continuing to iron hair with great zeal and precision.
    • Stop occasionally to brush pony’s mane and tail, and admire your work.
    • Continue ironing until pony hair is dry and silky.

  5. Take newly beautified pony and brush it’s gorgeous, shining mane and tail with the pride of a celebrity hairdresser.
  6. Give pony to daughter who squeals with delight and tells you the pony “smells good.”
  7. Entire process worthwhile.

FlutterbutterWant to see one of the refurbished ponies? Here’s Flutterbutter. I finished her this morning and I think she turned out well. She was a total hit with Annabelle, too.

Take a look and don’t forget you can leave a comment and tell me how fabulous she looks — or how crazy I am (but you’d do it for your kid, trust me).

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