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Otras Cosas

Article posted on Monday, June, 15th, 2009 at 1:34 am

I have a humorous story to share. It involves our precious, amazing Annabelle, of course. Last Thursday after we our workout at the gym, we stopped by Subway to get dinner. Geneen and Annabelle stayed in the car, while I went inside. I ordered Geneen’s usual — turkey on white, which includes a bag of Cheetos. On our way back to the house, Geneen opened the bag of Cheetos and gave some to Annabelle, who seemed to enjoy them.

The next night I took Annabelle with me to pick up dinner, again from Subway. We went inside to stand in line and were waiting by the chip rack. On the top row were the Cheetos. Annabelle saw this, pointed at the Cheetos and said, “mommy likes them!” It was priceless!

She did it again today when we were at Target. We were proceeding to the toy section and passed by cosmetics when Annabelle saw a large display of lip glosses. She again pointed and said, “mommy likes them.” This time she followed it with “Annabelle likes them too!”

I know I am biased, but our little Anna is as sharp as a tack. We love our little girl so much!


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