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Article posted on Saturday, June, 13th, 2009 at 7:00 am

It’s a great story and it ends with, “Mommy likes them!”

Andy will have to write about it tomorrow.


We went to the gym Thursday — all three of us. Annabelle stayed for 30 minutes in the kids club while we worked out. Huge step for us. Annabelle has never, ever stayed with anyone not blood related to her. She really didn’t even know we were gone I don’t think. She seemed to enjoy being with the other kids.


On another note, it was really hard watching Marian Hossa lose the Stanley Cup for a second time in a row — and after he chose to go to the other team and ended up losing to the one he’d just left. Ouch.

But in happier news, the last game of the Stanley Cup Final means we are *this much* closer to seeing the Thrashers again. Yay!

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