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Article posted on Monday, April, 6th, 2009 at 1:56 pm

Annabelle just gets more adorable by the day. I can't believe that this little person with opinions and likes and dislikes was once this tiny little thing that used to dance on my bladder when I was pregnant. A few notes…

* I was singing a song she calls "moon song" last night and she wanted to hear it again and again and again.
* We'd put her in a pink cheetah print robe after she came out of the hot tub and she was going around doing a hand motion like a big cat swiping at something, while saying "grrrr!"

* She knows which books are my Russian books. I've been teaching her a little bit. And when I ask her, "do you speak Russian?" She says, "Da!" It's hilarious and adorable.
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