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Fun With Words

Article posted on Wednesday, February, 18th, 2009 at 7:07 am

While I am thinking about it, a few of Annabelle’s pronunciations. She is able to speak in brief sentences that, sometimes, only I understand. You spend that much time with someone you decode their secret language. Must remember that for the resume: Extraordinarily proficient in breaking secret codes.

* Ah’-nuh (her name)
* Oh-peen’ (open)
* Bro-keen’ (broken)
* Bahn-keet’ (blanket)
* Mao (a cat)
* Peeeenk, very long “e” sound (Pink)
* Oy’-nt (what a pig says)
* Oh’-p (up)
* Dah’-n (down)

Looking at the list, she kind of speaks with a British accent. ;-) I just wanted to scribble down some of her cute pronunciations. Someday I’ll put all of this information in a baby book.

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