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Article posted on Thursday, February, 12th, 2009 at 7:03 am

Do you ever realize after the fact that you’ve been insulted? Well, that’s not totally accurate. At the time I felt offended, but kind of played it off, but now, thinking about it, I’m pretty irked. And, the more the think about it, the more of an insult it is. It’s not worth a confrontation, because I am sure it wasn’t meant to be as insulting as it totally was. But still.

Hey, I am not one of those gotta-keep-up-with-my-neighbor people. I loathe the pretensions of so many in our society today. When did just being a good person cease to be enough?

[** this portion deleted for your protection **]

I swear, I am just about to go on a very ill-advised rant. So, therefore, I will leave it at that.

In other, more happy news, Annabelle loves going through her clothes. She puts on skirts and hats and shorts (all over her existing outfits). But it’s hilarious to see her get so excited about a bag of clothing. “Shoes!” She’ll exclaim. Or “Cute!” she says frequently. She should know, she is the Cute Queen.

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