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What Are Friends For?

Article posted on Monday, June, 2nd, 2008 at 4:45 am

You know, it’s interesting when you discover things that, perhaps, you didn’t want to know about your “friends.” At some point you just have to let go and stop clinging to something that (clearly) has ceased to exist.

This one hurts because I’d always been one of her staunchest supporters and have always forgiven her faults, as I thought she’d forgiven mine. This is one of those cases where I am truly baffled as to what happened or why she doesn’t like me anymore. I’d feel better about it all if she’d just tell me why. But you know what? There is nothing I can do about it. And what is the motto I’ve been trying to live by?

I don’t focus on things I can’t control.

Until and unless she decides to talk to me, there is just nothing I can do. It makes me profoundly sad, but I have to let go. It’s only hurting me at this point, for it is obvious that she doesn’t care about me.


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