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Fab Vocab

Article posted on Saturday, April, 26th, 2008 at 10:33 pm

Annabelle has learned lots of new words. She knows what many, many words mean, but she doesn’t yet speak them. Balloons. Cat. Mommy and Daddy (which she does say). Nana. Mimi. Charles (!). Hand. Popsicle. Pool. Just to name a few.

I have also added to our family’s personal lexicon.

There is the ever popular: Grumpasaurus (aka Grumpasaur). The fearsome Grumpasaurus Rex. The soon-to-be-outdated Trendasaurus. The oft-used (and fun to say) Fussasaurus. And, who could forget the Tryantasaurus (as in, “my boss is a tyrant-a-saurus”). See what great things I am doing for the English language?

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