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Dear Diary…

Article posted on Tuesday, January, 8th, 2008 at 4:55 pm

A few days ago I posted an entry that worried several readers. They needn’t worry, dear diary, as you know, I like to blow off steam through writing. After I posted those entries, I felt much better.

As you know, dear diary, it’s just me being me. Not that I didn’t mean what I said: Because I did. I have to work on being less of a pushover. I have to work on being strong. I have to work on allowing myself to be myself. These are challenges for me. I get mad at myself when I don’t live up to my expectations. And I get mad when I allow myself to be intimidated and not express my opinion. These things have to stop.

But, dear diary, I wanted to let my readers know that there’s nothing to worry about. Some people work out to blow off steam, some people play video games … I write. Sometimes I will post here online. Sometimes in my handwritten journal. Either way, the sentiments are the same. I am just trying to be real and honest.

I apologize to anyone who occasionally reads this blog and gets worried. I certainly don’t ever mean for that to happen. Like I said, I am just trying to be real and honest about my feelings. Like everyone else, I am sure, those feelings are not always positive. The only difference, I suppose, is that I share them here. I don’t think that is a mistake, though sometimes I do worry.

I feel much better today. Annabelle and I are having a lovely day. We will probably go to the park later, so I need to go, dear diary. Until next time…

Love and Kisses,

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