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Feasting Like Kings

Article posted on Monday, January, 7th, 2008 at 4:57 am

One of the traditions Andy and I really want to incorporate into our family is the celebration of the old Twelve Days of Christmas. Christmas Day is the first day of the period, which ends on January 6 — or Epiphany (known in some parts as The Day of Kings).

I had grand plans this year. I was going to host Christmas Dinner in my own house for the first time ever. Did not happen, much to our disappointment.

I was going to have a Day of Kings celebration this year. Our idea, apparently went over like a lead balloon, so the three of us ended up celebrating El Dia de Reyes with our good friends Charles and Gina (and Baby Winter). And thrilled we were to do so. Next year I am going to be better organized and I hope others will join in the tradition with us. If not, please see previous entry. Ha ha!

Until then, happy King’s Day! I hope you feasted on something delicious, like we did.

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