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Yay Me!

Article posted on Friday, January, 4th, 2008 at 4:09 am

Someone told me today that I need to toot (that word kills me, it really does) my own horn. So what the hell?! (FOUL!)

Ha ha!


Happy Birthday to me!

I spent most of it writhing in pain (UTI) and feeling like a loser for having such a lame birthday. It got much better after Mom gave me some sort of heavy pain medication and I slept the afternoon away. I did wake up and go to the venerable Dos Mas — the place where I have celebrated untold numbers of birthdays and miscellaneous events — both mundane and extraordinary. One of my favorite waiters was there. He spoke to Annabelle in Spanish, which seemed to scare her.

Mom, Dad, Mimi, Papaw, Andy and Annabelle were all there. We missed Auntie LeeLee, but she has a long commute. It was great to have three generations of women all together and, the grandpas and daddy too.

I received some lovely gifts and warm wishes from friends. All in all, despite being sick on my birthday, I feel — and know — I am blessed.


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