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Article posted on Wednesday, January, 2nd, 2008 at 4:48 am

Back in my high school debate class we had the following topic:

Resolved: That the federal government shall institute a comprehensive, long-term agricultural policy in the United States.

For some reason when the thought of New Year’s resolutions comes to mind, I always go back to that insanely boring debate topic. Then I think: Promises broken. What kind of a way is that to start the new year? Thus, I am going to write my own team debate-style resolution.

Resolved: That Geneen shall institute a “no more” policy when it comes to a.) feeling like she is a terrible mother b.) feeling guilty for no reason c.) obsessing about her weight d.) being negative e.) fear and, f.) feeling like a nobody because she doesn’t — at present — have a job that pays in U.S. currency.

I think that is a fairly accurate statement of the goals I have for the year. And, really, I like to think of resolutions as goals, as opposed to some arbitrary, newly instituted life rule that can, and surely will be, broken before the Champagne (sparkling wine?) glasses have been put back in the cupboard.

So here’s to a great 2008. (Too bad I didn’t adopt a “no more” policy on being cliche, right?)

Cheers! And don’t forget our Photo Albums for great holiday pictures.

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