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Article posted on Saturday, July, 28th, 2007 at 8:39 am

In all seriousness, how can anyone wear a Michael Vick jersey in public? I saw two shaggy-haired, suburban-type teens walking into the grocery store today proudly donning their No. 7 jerseys. Morons.

I am fairly certain — no, I am positive — that if I were in high school and I owned a Mike Vick jersey my mom would have burned it by now. There is no way she would have let me go around supporting someone like that.

I know he is innocent until proven guilty, but damn (!) he had dead dogs buried in his backyard. Even if he was not actively involved, he is friends with the people who were. And, not to sound like my mom, but if you lie down with dogs…

I am disgusted with the whole story. It’s sick. Repulsive. Hideous. Now that I don’t work in news, I can boldly state my opinions without that vague feeling that I’m doing something wrong.

I’ve never felt compelled to go out and protest — well, maybe once or twice — but if someone showed up at my house and said we’re going to Flowery Branch to protest in front of the Falcons’ training camp, I just might go.

Now, back to the high school students in their Vick jerseys. Why would you want to wear the jersey of someone who either by his actions or by his turning a blind eye, in effect, condones the torture and murder of innocent animals? Why would you want to wear that jersey? Why? If you have a possible explanation, please do comment. I’d be interested in hearing.


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