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Lifetime: Television for Men

Article posted on Tuesday, June, 26th, 2007 at 11:51 pm

I have a few random things on my mind right now.

First is cheesy sports movies that are put on by ESPN (e.g. the Dale Earnhardt story) or Disney (examples too numerous to mention, but… Invincible, The Mighty Ducks, Remember the Titans). Men love to make fun of women for watching the Lifetime network and its cheesy made-for-TV movies. It irks me because these sports movies are really just Lifetime Television for Men. The cheesy training montages, the tough coach with a heart of gold, the troubled player, the team full of underdogs (you know, the ones NOBODY thinks can win), the one guy who has to be let go for the sake of the team, the great player from a struggling family whose one big chance is for him to make it to the NFL/NBA/etc., the rites of passage, the girl troubles, the teasing/hazing in the locker room.

Guys just love to tease us. Oh! But I’ve witnessed them stopping on these movies and watching longingly. I only bring this up in love and in the hope that our girlie movies (or, if you prefer, “chick flicks”) will get a little respect. Failing that, how about a knowing wink from the opposite gender? Come on fellas, just admit you, too, love a good schmaltzy, tear-jerker (you cried during Brian’s Song didn’t you? Confess, friend. Your secret is safe here.)

When Did I Become Ma’am?

I’m just wondering. Overnight, all the shaggy-haired grocery store baggers and fast food workers are calling me “ma’am.” Polite, indeed, but it makes me feel OLD! Perhaps it’s because I’m now living in the ‘burbs. So, to these kids, I am old? I am sure that’s it. In town, we were on the young side, now, we’re out here in the land of babies, ‘tweens and teens; and, it’s official, we’re OLD.

Such is the way of things, I suppose. You gotta grow up sometime, or so I am told.

80s Flicks

Is there anything better than a cheesy old 80s John Hughes film? I think not.

Photos Galore!

I have put oodles (just needed an excuse to use that word today) of pictures in the Photo Albums. Check out the set from June 22-25 to see Annabelle practice rolling over, scenes from a Mexican restaurant (compelling, I know!), our anniversary, and more…

Perhaps you’d enjoy seeing the photo set from June 14 – 19, which include bow-making, snow cones, baby dolls, more letter painting, Zoie, the Baby Bjorn, Father’s Day and more!


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