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Most t-sips are jerks

Article posted on Sunday, June, 10th, 2007 at 2:08 pm

I have not written in a while. Annabelle is growing so fast and is, of course, beautiful and precious (please refer to online photos). This morning I was inspired by a t-sip a**hole!

I was driving home from my Sunday visit to Target with Annabelle when a late-model silver Toyota Camry pulled up behind as at a stoplight. We continued to drive for another two miles or so, all the while this guy behind me was riding my tail. I was driving at or above the posted speed limit and had done nothing to piss this guy off, yet he continued to ride my tail!

Now, in the past, before Annabelle was a part of this world, I would tap on my brakes to get this guy to back off. My thinking is, if he hits me, it’s his fault! Well, today I proceeded to make a left turn into the Kroger parking lot. The guy in the silver Camry sped up, honked his horn three times and stuck his left hand out the window flashing me the “hook ’em horns” sign for a good five seconds. What is it with t-sips and this overwhelming urge to show me the international heavy metal hand gesture whenever the see that I am loyal to TEXAS A&M? I have had this happen to me at least once a month for the last 10 years! I have never flashed the Gig ‘Em hand gesture at a t-sip on the road. I must admit that I have been known to say some nasty things under my breath when I see a t-sip on the road; and it is usually after they have pronounced their love of heavy metal music by flashing that stupid “hook ’em” gesture. I’ve come to the conclusion that most t-sips are a**holes; yes, even this 75-year-old dude in his silver Camry. I’ve also come to the conclusion that these people must have an inferiority complex. Hopefully the next time this tu Longhorn sticks his hand out the window, it will get crushed by oncoming traffic!


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