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Lil’ Sisters

Article posted on Wednesday, June, 6th, 2007 at 5:12 am

I’ve been thinking about sisters. Siblings, in general, but sisters specifically. I was thinking about all things Annabelle would miss if she didn’t have a sibling (and, in my opinion, a sister).

Pull up a chair, sit a spell and let me regale you with a few vignettes about my lil’ sister.

Kelly is the best sister and friend a person could ask for. Oh, yes, for many years we brought my Mom to the verge of tears with our epic battles over such vitally important issues as hairbrushes, clothes (I still say if you’re going to borrow something of mine hang it up!), telephone time, what to listen to on the radio, who is cuter: Ponch or John (I still maintain it was John. Did you hear me, Kelly? JOHN.) There were those times when I wanted to wring her neck — like when she wore an outfit to school — high school — that I’d never worn before and I saw her in the halls wearing it, then found it balled up on my closet floor. Argh! Plus, the indignity of your little sister wearing your clothes at the same school you go to. A crime of the first order!

As much as we fought in high school, I’d never wish things had been different. And I’d never wish for another sister. Or that I had a brother. Kelly was my friend on those long road trips to California, my partner in crime, my cheerleader, and the one person who would stay in the pool with me until Mom came and dragged us out. To this day I still get excited when I see a hotel pool and always wish Kelly was there with me when I’m in one. We were — are — very much two peas in the same pod.

I’ve often thought that Kelly and I are like two halves of the same whole. She was the dark, I was the light. Now I see that she is also the light and I am also the dark. We just alternate colors. (Or non-colors for all you sticklers out there.)

She and I are so similar and of one mind in so many ways. Similar voices, similar body styles, similar face shapes. Similar in what we find funny. She knows what I am thinking before I say it.

Then, in some ways, we are shockingly different. She doesn’t like for me to tease her (one of my favorite pastimes because I know how it ruffles her feathers — and she needs to learn to take a joke!). She doesn’t have a favorite Golden Girl. Hello! Everyone has a favorite Golden Girl. Just admit it! She’s extremely organized. She’s a morning person. She likes to get her hands dirty. She’s a great cook.

Whereas, I love a good joke — and don’t mind a bit of rough ribbing. Dorothy is my favorite Golden Girl. Organized chaos is the way I roll. I love to stay up late and live unconventionally. I can cook — fairly well — when I want to, but I rarely want to. I am a compulsive hand washer — and a girly-girl.

But I can’t think of my life without thinking of that nosy little sister who just had to do everything I did. The little sister who played all my silly games with me. Who’d play Monopoly with me — and believe me when I told her Boardwalk was the worst property to own. (Hey! It’s a big sister’s prerogative to mess with the mind of the younger one, no?) The little sister who outdid the big sister in just about everything (I was lieutenant when I was in drill team, Kelly, of course, made captain). The little sister who refused to join my sorority in college, then, ten years out was initiated as an alumna. The little sister who tells me about “the fallacy of the value pack,” and gorges on Oreos with me. The lil’ sis who rolled around in fiberglass with me — Lord only knows why. The little sister who loves my precious Annabelle and is just one of the best people I know.

I hope I am able to give Annabelle a sister (or a brother — if that’s God’s will). My life would be the poorer if I’d not had Kelly in it.


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