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Article posted on Wednesday, May, 30th, 2007 at 5:53 am

Let’s see…a few notes…

1.) Most people I’ve polled about bleaching my hair have said “go for it.” I probably will at some point. Now that I going GRAY! Woe is me. If I attempted to pull all of my gray hairs, I’d be just about bald. (I exaggerate, but, it’s getting to that point.)

2.) Annabelle turned over on her side today. It was amazing. I took a picture. Check the photo albums by using the menu option on your left.

3.) On Sunday, we went to see Seal in concert with our friend Diane. (See pictures here…) It was so much fun. Diane is such an awesome girl. *sends virtual hugs*

Seal was awesome. Andy and I love him. Some people have a song that they consider theirs. We have artists that are ours: Seal and Eric Johnson. I could never hear Seal’s first album — or any Eric Johnson album — especially Tones, though — without thinking of Andre. And our first dates. And the first time we went to New Orleans together. And… so many other good memories.

4.) Do you ever feel like you’ve been stabbed in the back? Have you ever caught wind of the things someone has been saying about you behind your back? Have you ever felt completely betrayed?

Now, I can be brutally honest. The people who know me best know this, but I think it’s better to be straight up than tearing someone down whilst they are unaware. I’d rather someone slam me to my face than behind my back. Hey, I am not so bad! (Honest!) I dare say, I am a good person and don’t deserve this thank-you-very-much.

5.) Annabelle is just growing and growing like crazy. I look at her sometimes and I just can’t believe it. She visited the doctor for her set of three shots yesterday. She cried and cried and I felt so bad.

6.) She now weighs in at 13.3 lbs! Grow, baby! Grow!

7.) They say she is tall (long) for her age, so yay! I hope she is tall.

8.) I am waiting up for Kelly and Chuck, they arrive within the hour (I hope). I know you are probably thinking: But you are always up this late anyway. Au contraire! Lately, I have been going to bed surprisingly early!

10.) Last night Annabelle slept from about 1:30 a.m. until about 9 a.m. WOW! I was so excited. I actually felt rested when I woke up — for the first time in, only the Lord knows how long.

11.) I am still battling anemia. Still feel exhausted all the time.

12.) I am going to get my liver re-scanned. I haven’t had the spot looked at since I got pregnant. I got the doctor’s order for it yesterday. *crossing fingers* I hope it’s unchanged.

13.) Astounding note: Murder at 1600 has been on for almost two hours and neither Andy (who is asleep) nor I have had the energy to change the channel. (This is, generally, the kind of movie I turn off forthwith when it comes on.)

14.) I can’t stop on No. 13, so here is one more bullet point. Pointless though it may be. As always, we love your comments … feel free to post them below …


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