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We’re Baaaack!

Article posted on Friday, May, 25th, 2007 at 6:21 pm

Annabelle, Nana and I got back yesterday. I was so exhausted. I cannot even describe the level of tiredness I felt. It wasn’t the 15+ hour drive, though that was part of it. I think the exhaustion of several months just finally caught up with me. (I sound like one of those insane celebs who check into the hospital for “exhaustion.”) Anyway…

I had a really great time in Houston. I saw lots of friends, though not everyone I wanted to. As I was driving home, I felt overwhelmingly sad. Being home again made me feel like the old Geneen. I felt happy. The only thing marring that was Andre’s not being there.

A had an experience on the road that I really need to share. This is just to remind me to write about it. More soon…

Still soliciting your thoughts on the proposed bleaching of my hair…


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