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An Exciting, Scintillating Post!

Article posted on Tuesday, May, 22nd, 2007 at 7:44 am

…made ya look!

I’ve been in Houston now for more than two weeks. I’ve really enjoyed being here. I’d forgotten how great it is to be with old friends and family. To eat at all the old, familiar places. I’d also forgotten how oppressive the humidity can be. I am hot all the time. Yes, I know, I know. I am hot that way too. Ha ha!

Annabelle is snoozing in her Boppy. It’s just about time for her bottle. I continue to live my life in a state of exhaustion. I now wonder what I did with all the free time I had before the baby!

In my quest to open up new writing avenues in my head, my Dad and I are going to be doing a weekly writing contest where we write from prompts. I’ll post them here — well, on this site and let you know where they are. Anyone want to join us? We’d love to have you aboard.

Polls Are Now Open

I am contemplating bleaching my hair blond. I haven’t colored my hair in about 12 years or so, but I feel like doing something radical — but not so radical that it involves pixie cuts, so don’t bother suggesting it. People used to say, “I love your hair blond!” And I’d be annoyed because God did not give me flaxen hair (alas!), so I always took it the wrong way. I do that. It’s a lifelong problem. But now, I am now accepting your honest feedback on the subject — or any other for that matter, so feel free to post your thoughts on this pressing topic using the comment option below…

OK. I really have to go now. I have so many things to do before I leave on Wednesday in the wee hours.


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