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An Ode to an Old Friend(The Trusty Blue Couch)

Article posted on Thursday, May, 17th, 2007 at 4:53 am

When I think of you, dear friend, I laugh.
Upon you I pen these very graphs.

Quiet, loyal, steadfast and true.
And you’re such a lovely shade of blue.

Oh the things you must have seen!
First kisses, fights and sisters mean.

Upon your velvet skin we’ve sat.
Laughed and lazed and chewed the fat.

All the while you’ve been right there,
Softly cushioning our derrieres.

So to you, old friend, I write this ode.
My words, I wish, they better flowed.

For you deserve a toast, a cheer,
For your hard work through all these years.

Alas, a couch’s work is never done.
These last few lines I’ll write then run.

But as you know, I’ll soon be back,
For a gossip session, a nap or snack.

So thank you, my friend, for all you’ve done.
Now I’m off to do something fun.

But here you’ll sit ’til back I come.
Standing silent, strong with great aplomb.

– Fin


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