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An Ode to…

Article posted on Tuesday, May, 15th, 2007 at 7:28 am

Well, for several days I have been in the process of writing something called, “An Ode to an Old Friend.” I am sorry to say that I won’t be posting it tonight because it still isn’t finished. It’s finished in my head, but I haven’t gotten more than a few lines on paper. Yes, for some reason, I need to write this one in long hand.

It’s been a busy week. Already I have gotten to see many old friends (who, I might add, differ vastly from the old friend I am in the midst of writing about). First there was seeing the dentist then lunch with Gina (who happens to fill both roles in my life), lunch with Ray and Charles (and the Mr. T in Your Pocket device). Then Gina (again, yay!), Kerber and Jenny. Then Kim stopped by! On Sunday I saw Eddy, then Gina and Charles again.

Coming up this week more dentist/friend Gina. Kim and Kristi (and Kristi’s two babies). And, I hope, more Gina and Charles. Also hoping to see Julie before we — Annabelle and I — head back. Hooray for old friends!

I hope Annabelle learns to laugh and be silly. I hope she has good friends. I know I’ve been blessed with some of the best. I hope she is too.


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