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Article posted on Tuesday, May, 8th, 2007 at 5:53 am

(This is Geneen, writing on Andre’s login ID. I can’t remember mine for some reason, argh!)

Annabelle, Mimi, Papaw and I made a long journey across the Deep South yesterday, traveling from Georgia to Texas. I was very nervous prior to our departure, as Anna is only two months old. What if she started crying uncontrollably? What if? What if? What if? I live much of my life a slave to this question.

In short, it all turned out OK. Anna was an angel the whole ride. She was fussy from time to time, but you would be too if you had to sit confined to a carseat, strapped in and unable to change positions.

I enjoyed the ride, as a matter of fact. I’d never spent that much time with Andy’s parents. It was fun to ride along, chit-chatting from time to time and just feeling a part of his family. Having Annabelle has really changed how I look at family. I feel our bond is truly cemented now. And that’s added a level of comfort and joy that I didn’t know before. In short, it was surprisingly wonderful! I watched my angel sleep, did a little reading, wrote a short story, ate a bunch of Jelly Bellys and just chilled.

I very much enjoyed having Mimi the last several weeks. She’s fun to talk to and had really helped me relax. She’s given me lots of pointers on just living in the moment. It seems that Mimi enjoys things. She’ll sing to her favorite song when it comes on. She’ll dance among the racks of clothes at the store. I admire her for that and, once upon a time, I think I was more like that. I hope to cultivate that sense of fun once again.

Well, it’s getting late, so I am going to sign off. Papaw and I are taking Annabelle to his office early in the morning. I told them to watch the weather. If it started to get really icy they’d know hell had, indeed, frozen over and I had gotten up early. Ha ha! After that it’s off to the dentist. Oh joy! I say that with some trepediation, as well as some joy. When your best friend is also your dentist, having your teeth looked at is both fun and nerve-wracking. Adieu for now…


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