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Ah! Refreshment!

Article posted on Monday, April, 30th, 2007 at 5:02 am

Nope. Not talking about Coca-Cola. As a matter of fact, Mimi kindly insisted on watching Annabelle for us on Saturday night so Andy and I could have a night out. I think we both came back feeling refreshed and closer to each other. The last few months we’ve not had much of a chance to just talk to each other. It was really great. He’s a guy, so maybe the talking wasn’t so great for him, but I enjoyed it. :-)

Anyway, a big “thank you” to Mimi for watching Annabelle for us and pushing us to take that bit of alone time. We love you!

Now, here’s what you probably really came here for…

Click, Snap, Photo Time

Tons of new pictures are now available!

As always, we have the Annabelle Elizabeth collection. This is a collection of all the Annabelle albums I’ve put together so far. Recent additions to this collection:


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