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Going Retro

Article posted on Saturday, March, 31st, 2007 at 6:33 am

I said in an earlier entry that I would not be posting anything from my old journals. Well, I guess I hadn’t read them in a while because I’d forgotten how funny some of the old, old stuff is. Let me give you an example:

    March 3, 1986

    It’s been a long time since I wrote last (on my birthday!). A lot has happened since then! Well, for starters Shawn broke up with me. We finished off the basketball season. Cheerleading is over too. I got a new Walkman. Three weeks til I go to Washington D.C. and we’ve gotten two report cards. Tryouts for Festival Dance soon! UIL choir contest soon! We finished the Anne Frank unit. That’s about it.

That was written when I was — let’s see — 14. I love the absolute matter-of-fact way I just throw in that Shawn broke up with me. I remember being pretty upset at the time. Of course, when you’re 14, you can forget about being dumped as soon as someone new comes along. And, hey (!) a new Walkman! Ha ha! My, how times have changed. That big, clunky thing would be ashamed of itself in front of today’s itty-bitty iPods.

Here’s another one that I found humorous.

    March 20, 1988

    Spring Break is over and it was pretty boring. It has been a long time since I wrote, almost a month — yes a month at least. Since then, I started going out with Jason again. I got my first real job at Marble Slab Ice Cream parlor. My friend Julian’s dad owns the place. It’s pretty fun so far. I’ve made $103.10. Pretty good I’d say. I spent the entire thing on a Gucci purse at the Galleria.

    Jason and his band with Kevin, Mike and Nathan (Momentum) won the Battle of the Bands at Club Mardi Gras. It’s only for teenagers though. They won $200. Jason took me to Red Lobster on Valentine’s Day. He bought me some pink roses (12 of them!). … Well, it’s back to school tomorrow. Oh no! I have a report due on the Hundred Years’ War. Oh well, summer is not too far away! Gotta go!

Again, I love the carefree tone. Somewhere along the way, I lost that. I guess we all do, right? Somewhere along the way, $100 stopped seeming like a lot of money. And somewhere along the way, Red Lobster and pink roses lost their ability to make me squeal. *sigh*

Back to the Present…

Annabelle has been extraordinarily fussy. Dad (Poppy) — her grandpa — arrived today and used a word I just love: Fussbudget. You just don’t hear that word enough these days. It makes me laugh just to think about it. I am a strange person. A word — just a simple word — can make me laugh or lift my spirits. That sounds kind of crazy, but a word like “fussbudget” is just so silly, so ridiculous sounding, I can’t help but giggle. Sometimes, I just say weird words out loud to make myself laugh. (Try saying the word, “bonk” out loud. Say it several times. Did it make you laugh? Or am I just a weirdo? Why not post a comment?)

So anyway, Annabelle has been a little fussbudget. *grin* She’s cried a great deal all day despite not needing food, a diaper change, etc. It’s frustrating when she gets that way. The only way Andre and I have been able to calm her when she gets in these states is to swaddle her, hold her close and walk her around the house a little bit. Right now, AnnaB is sleeping in her Boppy. She’s making all those cute noises that babies make when they sleep. I am watching Hockey Night in Canada’s After Hours show. They just interviewed the Canucks’ Trevor Linden (just in case you were wondering). Speaking of hockey, the Thrashers are close to clinching a playoff berth. They beat the Boston Bruins today with a last-minute goal. Good game.

I think I am going to try to get some sleep while young AnnaB is napping. Cross your fingers for me. Until next time … from the night shift … Don’t forget you can post comments — we love hearing from you.


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