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Can We Talk…?

Article posted on Thursday, March, 29th, 2007 at 6:41 am

…about (shhh…) gas? Baby gas to be precise. I never knew something so tiny could produce such a large quantity of gas! She makes her Daddy proud. Ha ha! (Just kidding … kind of.)

I’ve been working on the computer for the past hour or so, while Annabelle snoozes in the Boppy. As I’ve been going about my business, I’ve had the pleasure (?) of listening to quite the unexpected concert. In spite of myself, I kind of giggle. It reminds me of this story Andy once told me. He was in medical school and he and a resident had prepared a patient for some type of procedure — colonoscopy? (the man was under general anesthesia, so it was probably something else — anyway…). They had to prepare this guy for the procedure by pumping him full of air. As Andy and the resident waited, the air began slowly escaping, causing a loud gaseous noise in the room. Andy said he took one look at the resident and, seeing the grin behind his mask, they both burst out laughing. I’ve always found it amusing that trained professionals can still find the silliest things so funny.

I think this post has gone off the rails — or, as they like to say in hockey play-by-play, I’ve “blown a tire.” Please ignore the above and, if possible, forget you read it. I am contemplating deleting it, but will probably go ahead and post it. My mom will likely get mad at me when she reads it, as topics such as this are better left undiscussed and unacknowledged.

I am a very rude young lady. Forgive me mom! ;-)

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As always, we have the Annabelle Elizabeth collection. This is a collection of all the Annabelle albums I’ve put together so far.

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