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Buenos Nochas, Mein Froinds!

Article posted on Sunday, March, 18th, 2007 at 8:41 am

“Weighting” it out…

I have something exciting to report, but I will (briefly) keep you in suspense. During my pregnancy I tried very hard not to gain a ton of weight. At my last OB appointment — two days before I delivered Annabelle — the scale showed I’d gained 31 pounds. I was a little disturbed by that — especially considering about 85 percent of that weight was gained in January and February when I was like a ravenous dog 24 hours a day.

The doctor told me about 7-8 pounds would be baby (Annabelle was 7 lbs, 11 oz.). And about 8-10 would be placenta, additional blood volume, amniotic fluid, etc. Then there was the water weight, which they said will slowly come off over six weeks.

Last Monday, I weighed myself on the scale at Andy’s clinic and it showed that I was 12 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. (So, after delivering Annabelle, I lost 19 pounds total in baby &etc.) On Wednesday, we took Annabelle back to the clinic to see his partner (her first doctor visit — besides her Daddy) and I was down another six pounds, which meant I was just six pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. Coincidentally, that was the day I was actually able to put on my shoes again, so I guess the water weight was/is coming off.

So I weighed myself Saturday and I had lost another 3.6 pounds, meaning I am only 2.4 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight! Can you believe that?! I couldn’t. I am really proud of myself. I am very hopeful that I can get the remaining 2.4 off in the next few weeks. Then the real fun begins.

I can’t start working out in earnest for another month or so, since I am still healing from the C-section. But, once I am cleared, I have a lot of sit-ups to do. I have quite the jelly belly at the moment. Andy assures me that much of this is swelling and some water weight, but he also tells me that some of it is redistributed fat. Ugh. When I hear things like that — “fat redistribution” — it makes me wonder: “Where did it come from?” Did fat from my butt suddenly relocate to my belly? LOL.

Somehow, I suspect I will read this post tomorrow and laugh out loud. What you have read above is the product of a serious lack of sleep. Please forget you read it.

So the night shift rolls on…

Andy and I are trying desperately to get Annabelle to go to sleep. After her 3 a.m. feeding she is wide awake. Always wide awake. After every other feeding she conks out for at least three more hours. But the 3 a.m. feeding? Heck no! It’s time to be awake! I’ve already sung her all the songs I can think of — well, all the ones that might be appropriate. Ha ha! She really seems to like the old song I learned in Brownies: “Kookaburra.” I googled the lyrics to the song and found there are a couple of variations on the last stanza — some versions have the poor kookaburra sitting on an electric wire and frying his tail. Another version has him sitting on a rusty nail. What kind of an ending is that for a children’s song anyway?

On the photo front…

Several of our dear readers lamented the fact that I did not post pictures yesterday. I’ve since posted a bunch of pictures from March 16, when my cousin Roma and her husband, Bert, from Ottawa (yes, Ottawa, Ontario!) paid us an unexpected visit. It was so good to see them. They had, in fact, been down in Mission, Texas and were planning to head up through the Midwest to get back to Canada, but they decided to change their plans and surprise us with a visit. I was so excited to see them! (see pix)


We love all the blog comments. Thanks so much for posting them! Hip, hip hooray for blog comments!

OK. It’s really time to try to catch a few winks. Annabelle has been somewhat quiet for the past 20 minutes. So, from the night shift, “Buenos nochas, mein froinds!”


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