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Late Shift Reporting for Duty

Article posted on Friday, March, 16th, 2007 at 7:26 am

Last night, Andy, Kelly and I went out for about an hour. (see pix) We left Annabelle with her Nana. It was the first time that I’d spent that much time away from her. Halfway through dinner I felt like calling home, but I didn’t want to wake the baby if she was sleeping — or make Nana try to locate the phone, which always seems to be misplaced. So Kelly got out her button — the one we had made after Annabelle was born — and we looked at her picture and talked about how adorable she was.

We’d just gone to a local sports bar/restaurant to have a bite and watch part of the Thrashers game (they lost — to the worst team in the league. Thank you Philadelphia Flyers!). Anyway, it was weird not to have her with us. We arrived home, however, and all was well (of course).

It’s strange how your life can change so fast. I’d muse on that, but I am getting tired. Annabelle is actually asleep at the moment, so this nightshifter is going to attempt to sleep a little bit.

I uploaded all the pictures from March 15, so check ’em out if you’re interested.


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