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Article posted on Tuesday, February, 27th, 2007 at 4:07 am

First (and worst) of all, I am on dial up! Yes dial up. That means making this post will take approximately 100 times longer than it should. That’s also why I haven’t posted recently. We won’t have our high-speed connection back until Thursday.

A little update. We are out of our apartment and into the new house. It’s very quiet out here. It’s also so much more convenient to do the little things: Going to the grocery store, running out to pick up dry cleaning, etc. In the city, you have to plan around traffic, road construction, etc. Plus, being in a high rise you have to wait for the elevator (doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it was — sometimes it took 10 minutes just to get out of the building).

So, the little things are definitely more convenient. I feel oddly like my parents. This is, after all, our first house. As I sat in the living room earlier it really felt like I was visiting a friend’s house. It was hard to believe that I live here, not someone else.

I spent last night (middle of the night) and the afternoon organizing Baby Boyd’s nursery. It was fun to go through all of the things we have ready for her and think about how she will be here soon.

Andre and Gramps (lol), set up Baby B’s swing. It’s totally cute. I took pictures as they assembled it and will post them in our photo album. I put some up today of Sarah peering out the window and of Dad chowing down on a big old ice cream sundae. More exciting pictures coming soon (I think). Ha ha!

Finally, the Thrashers made a couple of big trades and actually won tonight. Wow! Perhaps Andre will post about that later.


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