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Strange New Me

Article posted on Friday, February, 23rd, 2007 at 12:20 pm

I have to say, I have not really been one of those moody, emotional pregnant ladies (honest!).

And I hadn’t been one of those who, in the first month of pregnancy, was dying to try on maternity clothes (not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you). In fact, in nearly nine months, I only bought three maternity items and they were all dresses. All this time I’ve been able to pass as just being fat. Ha ha! I joke, but, sadly, it’s true — I think. Until a few weeks ago, I kept getting the comment, “You don’t even look pregnant!”

Anyway, my point is (I do have one!), I got emotional just looking at a baby the other day. That is very unlike me. After all, it wasn’t me who cried in the theater watching Fried Green Tomatoes when Andre and I first started dating. No indeed. He is the more emotional one, I think. (As an aside, I thought it was adorable that he cried when he thought Miss Threadgood had died.)

But, I guess the hormones have melted my icy heart. The person who stood strong and steely while all her friends bawled their eyes out during, for example, Red Dawn, is no more. Now, I see a baby and feel like crying. I look at the sweet outfits Mimi and Nana (and other relatives) have gotten for the baby and I could cry. The other day I was reading that newborns will sometimes wake up scared. Just thinking about Baby Boyd waking up scared made me cry. I keep telling Andre, “we can’t let Baby Boyd wake up scared,” and asking him, “we won’t let her wake up scared will we?”

I guess there is not really that much of a point after all. Just some musings on this strange new me.


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